About Us

Zara Test Import & Export Co.Ltd. was established in 2000, in Ankara ,Turkey. The company mainly specialized in educational systems to provide the needs of Universities, Vocational High Schools, Ministry of National Education projects in Turkey and also EU and World Bank projects.

Zara Test Import & Export Co. Ltd. focuses on import and export of educational equipments such as:

  • Medical Education and Training Equipments
  • Automation and Control Training Sets
  • Electric-Electronics Training Sets
  • Engineering Education Tools
  • Technical Education Tools
  • Scientific Education Tools
  • Industrial Products for Education
  • Materials for Pre-Classes, Primary and High School Educations

According to the need of clients, in addition to the export and import facilities, Zara Test provides the necessary technical support successfully with companys professional employees.

As a leading company Zara Test Import & Export Co. Ltd. perform the very best solutions for the purpose of Customer Satisfaction. A specialized range of educational products and services is assured to clients and dealers in order to supply management problem-solving facilities.

The working strategies of Zara Test stands for ensuring a concrete and suitable support to the needs of this fast changing world.

Zara Test's relationship with its clients is based on cooperation, trust, reliability and helpfulness.